White, Truman and Fischer Money Trend Analysis

Our panel of expert commodity economists includes these experts in their fields:


Clayton Hines, PhD -- Agricultural Meteorologist

            Dr. Hines’ exclusive computer algorithm uses all available regional and national weather data to accurately forecast climactic trends ahead of government and industry experts.  His program directly yields accurate predictions for the four most actively traded crops on the Chicago exchanges.

            Dr. Hines’ current prediction:  hotter-than-expected




Clayton Hines

Norman Rosenstein -- Global Industrial Economist

            Mr. Rosenstein’s consulting firm monitors labor supply and demand trends around the globe.  For the last eight years, his accurate identification of approaching commodity scarcity has produced over two dozen successful blockbuster trades that everyone else missed.

Norman Rosentein

Graham Marks Spencer, O.B.E., Metallurgist

            Sir Spencer is one of the world’s leading experts in the pricing of precious metals.  He provides weekly reports of metals supply trends to be input into our program.

Graham Marks

Carolyn Demarest -- Currency Trader

            Ms. Demarest has a lifetime of experience both in managing portfolios of currencies and in academia.  She currently runs a consulting firm that advises Fortune 500 firms on their currency exposures.

Carolyn Demarest

Rex Walters, PhD -- Petroleum Geologist

            Dr. Walters is one of the world’s recognized experts in natural gas and crude oil reserves in North America and in Eastern Europe and Asia.  His research has informed the decisions of energy traders for the last 25 years.  We are indeed fortunate to have him on our panel.

Rex Walters

            For a collection of abstracts of scholarly articles written by these experts, e-mail us at the links below.

            These experts have predicted the following successful trades:

  • Corn:  August 2003, based upon a hotter-than-usual growing season

  • Unleaded gas:  May 2004, in advance of the resumption of leisure and vacation spending by U.S. consumers

  • Crude Oil:  September 2001, based upon analysis of U.S. State Department circulars concerning relations with Iraq and other oil-producing countries

  • Platinum:  November 2002, based upon surveys of labor conditions in Platinum-producing mines on three continents

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