White, Truman and Fischer Money Trend Analysis

Chart showing trends Do not guess when you are trading in the futures markets.  Take the scientific approach.  Follow our expert advisors to beat the amateurs trading futures and options.

Our experts have helped our clients post a winning record in energy, agricultural products, precious metals and currencies.  Our panel of scientific and financial experts will guide your decisions, as they have for so many others.

            The establishment of White, Truman and Fischer invites prospective participants in the futures market to take advantage of our award-winning market analysis through our new on-line service.  For 25 years, we have delivered accurate and profitable analyses to our clientele.  We review global conditions -- including climactic, economic, environmental and political for a targeted set of commodities, and apply our econometric analysis to those conditions.  The output of that analysis is a set of trading recommendations that are as close to a sure thing as is possible in an unpredictable world.

            Our panel of expert commodity economists includes these experts in their fields:


          It is easy to open an account and take advantage of our expert advice.  Click on this link to access account opening documentation and to review our full due diligence and registration information.


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